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Huge $363,000 Price Cut on Historic Savannah Bed and Breakfast!!!

217 E. Gaston St., Savannah, GA

Historic Gaston, Historic Savannah Bed and Breakfast!!!

217 E Gaston St, Savannah, GA 31401

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Own a piece of Savannah History and Grace in this Lavish 1860 built home on one of Savannah’s most sought after locations…Gaston Street!

Why this home is awesome.

When you enter this sophisticated 155-year-old home you will feel like you stepped back in time, even though the home has been completely renovated and updated and is pristinely kept. Extreme Elegance everywhere you turn. Stunning moldings and fixtures. Beautiful doors and mantles. Lavish furnishings and decor. Truly fit for a king!! This Historic home is currently being used as an elegant bed and breakfast featuring 5 gorgeous bedroom suites situated one block from Forsyth Park. The home is sold with or without the furnishings or pick out what would fit your tastes. It has been a working B & B for 9 years. The owner has put over $1.4 million into the restoration of this home. Their loss can be your gain!

For more information or for more photos contact us! To see this listing or any other listing we have in the same area go to My Home Savannah website.

To watch a video slideshow of this property CLICK HERE or see below…

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How To Find the Perfect Savannah Luxury Home

Finding a Perfect Savannah Luxury HomePerfection means different things to different people. And while there aren’t many perfect homes on the market — there are ones that are perfect for you.

(View all Savannah area luxury homes for sale.)

The clearer you are about what you really want in your Savannah luxury home, the better chance you have to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The More You Spend the More Perfect Your Home Will Be

Obviously, your target price range plays a big part in finding exactly what you want. But in every price range there are similar houses that have varying strong and weak points.

If you have a clear idea of what is most important to you, your decision will be a lot easier. And you can stay focused when you find a property you “love” but that has some compromises that will cause you headaches later.

It’s kind of like dating before you get married. Some qualities are really important over the long haul, but others not so much.

Start With a “No Compromise” List

This is your guiding document. It includes your must-haves, the things you are not willing to compromise on.

You may have some that are specific to you — a place on the waterfront with a deep water dock, a beach home on Tybee Island, or a turn-of-the century home in Savannah’s Historic District.

Only you know what you love the most, but there are also characteristics you don’t want to overlook no matter what kind of property you buy.

These include:

  • Location
  • Structural and System Issues
  • Rooms and Space
  • Health and Safety Issues

Location. Location. Location.

The old real estate age is true. Location is everything. In fact, come people actually buy a location, do a teardown, and then build the house of their dreams.

Even if you don’t do that, location is still more important and valuable than even the house itself. In the end, the land will likely increase in value more than the physical structure on it.

Location encompasses more than just the address. It includes the neighborhood, the view and the size of the lot.

It also covers the home’s proximity to the ocean, a river, or a golf course, schools and retail or dining establishments. All of these perks add to the value (and cost) of a property, but they also make it a more enjoyable place to live.

You can always fix or remodel your home, but you can’t move it to another location. So figure out your ideal location and put it at the top of your ‘No Compromise” list.

Check for Structural and Systems Issues

Structural and systems issues can cost you a lot of time and money. These include things like the slab or foundation of your home, the roof, as well as the major systems in the household, such as heating and air, water, wiring, plumbing and septic (if applicable).

Also, inspect decks, porches, docks, driveways, steps, sill condition (dry rot or termites), kitchen, bathrooms and counter tops.

Some of the cosmetic defects can be fixed as a condition of your contract, but major structural or systems issues may be a deal breaker, especially if you are dealing with the foundation of the home.

A certified inspector and structural engineer can do a thorough inspection if you have concerns in any of these areas.

Choose the Right Number and Kinds of Rooms

Even a house you find really attractive can become a huge headache if you don’t have enough space or rooms. Also, consider the kinds of rooms you enjoy the most — a gourmet kitchen? a cozy family room? a home office, gym or theatre?

If you have to choose, choose the rooms that will bring you and your family the most enjoyment.

Health and Safety Issues

Also, be aware of health and safety issues that could cause potential problems. Rewiring homes or removing toxic mold can cause major problems later, costing you more than they’re worth. On the other hand, making minor changes like updating outlets may be an easy fix.

Let Me Help You Find Your Perfect Home

Now that you’re armed with your “no compromise” list let me help you locate the home of your dreams. I can overview the strengths and weakness of all the best locations in the Savannah area.

I am also well versed on the essentials of a good, sold, structurally sound home, as I invested in and rehabbed homes in the Savannah area for many years before becoming a licensed real estate agent.

Call me today at 912-844-9000 or email me [email protected].

Why Savannah Is a Great Place to Buy a Vacation Home

snowfaceIt’s almost Christmas and “the weather outside is frightful”…but not in Savannah. It’s sunny and 65 degrees.

(View all Tybee Island Homes for sale)

But, let’s be honest. For many, this time of year is a big fat headache!

You bundle up each morning to brave the snow and ice — and you ask yourself “why don’t I move somewhere else?”

Even if it’s not time to do so full-time, you should at least consider doing it for part of the year.

Why Savannah

There are many reasons to put Savannah at the top of your “vacation home” list, but here are two of the best ones.

Location. Location. Location.

The old real estate adage holds true, particularly when you’re buying a second home that you also consider an investment for the future. The best vacation properties offer something extra special — a magnificent view of the ocean, a dock overlooking a picturesque river or salt marsh or old world ambiance.

Savannah Has It All

Savannah offers you second homes on the beachfront of Tybee Island. Skidaway Island, Wilmington island, Dutch Island and Isle of Hope provide you beautiful views and easy access to the Intracoastal Waterway.

And Historic Downtown Savannah is like no other city.

Go back in time as you walk among the towering live oaks draped with Spanish moss and the historic homes and squares built in the centuries ago.

Plus, you’re only  a three or four hour drive from multiple major metro areas, including Atlanta, Jacksonville, FL and Columbia, SC. So it’s easy to enjoy a weekend getaway just about anytime you want.

Tybee Island

Tourist Love It

Savannah is also an award-winning tourist destination, which means you won’t have any problem renting your property to vacationers if you choose to do so.

About one in four second home owners rent their properties at least part of the year. Tybee’s vacation rentals stay at nearly full capacity throughout the spring and summer.

Just keep in mind that for tax purposes, vacation homes are subject to what’s called the 14-day or 10% rule. You can rent your home for up to 14 days a year and keep the rental income without having to declare it on your tax return.

But, if you rent out the house for more than 14 days, you’re classified as a landlord by the Internal Revenue Service and you have to report the income. But, as a landlord you have the opportunity to deduct certain expenses.

I’ll talk more about the tax benefits of vacation property in a future post, but for now read this if you want more detailed information.

Why Not?

Here are some links for you to view all the available Savannah homes. I’m sure you’ll find many that would make fantastic vacation homes. Enjoy!

Tybee Island Homes

Skidaway Island Homes

Wilmington Island Homes

Dutch Island Homes

Isle of Hope Homes

If you have any questions or would like to view any of them personally, let me know. I’d love to take you on a tour whenever you’re in Savannah.

Just call me at 912-844-9000 or send me an email at [email protected] and we will set something up.

Historic Downtown Savannah – A Tour of Savannah Luxury Homes

Savannah Historic District homeSouthern Living’s travel writer, Cassandra Vanhooser has done a lot of traveling over the years and she calls Savannah her “favorite place” noting “few places rival the Historic District’s physical beauty.”

(Go here to view homes for sale in Historic District).

If you’ve ever walked around the area and taken in the majestic live oaks overflowing with Spanish moss, the cobblestone, and the amazing architecture, I’m sure you agree.

I know I do and today I’m excited to introduce you to this beautiful Savannah neighborhood and show you some of the luxury homes in the area.

Many visitors come to Savannah from all over the world and marvel at this enchanting area, but wouldn’t you love to live in this beautiful place.

The Historic District

Chippewa Square

The Historic District is a National Historic Landmark and covers Savannah, as it was originally laid out when it was founded in 1733.  Its 20 squares cover and area of approximately 2.5 square miles.

As you tour the area, you’ll notice many Georgian and Greek Revival homes. Besides the beautiful homes, the first thing you’ll recognize is the 2.5 square miles of historic squares and parks. In the area, you’ll also find a mix of real estate, including restored historic homes, homes in need of restoration, and also some newer construction designed to blend in well with the surrounding neighborhoods.

You’ll also find breath-taking lofts and condos perfect for those who seek a metropolitan lifestyle in the center of the business district. With its many restaurants, art galleries and boutique shops City Market, River Street and Broughton Street offer residents a vibrant and active lifestyle alongside Savannah’s constant flow of visitors.

 View all Historic District homes ranging in price from $500,000 to $2.9 million. 

The Victorian District


Just south of the Historic District, you’ll find the Victorian District, which was developed as Savannahians moved southward after the Civil War.  The area still offers plenty of opportunities for those who want to restore a historic home. Many of the homes, including charming row houses, were constructed in the late 1800’s through the early 1900’s. No matter what type of house you seek, you’re likely to discover a charming garden or garden space that you can revive with a little effort.

Go here to view all Victorian District homes.

If you love history and the romantic and enchanted look and feel of the Old South fused with the energy and creativity of a bustling city, Savannah’s Historic District is likely right where you need to be.

Stay tuned. There are more luxury tours to come. Next post, I’ll help you discover Savannah’s charming beachfront community — Tybee Island.

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Savannah Home Prices Up 11.3%, Sales Down 2.4% in October

Savannah Real Estate Summary MonthlySavannah Ares Home Sales (Chatham, Bryan and Effingham County) – October 2014

  • Median home sale prices jumped 11.3% from $166,000 in October 2013 to $184,700 in October 2014
  • Median sales price rose 1.2% from September of 2014
  • 446 total home sold in all three counties during October (17 less than in September)
  • Savannah home sales declined 2.4% during the  year
  • New home sales on the rise, up to 88 in October of 2014 from 72 in October of 2013
  • Supply stood at  3,258 listings or a little over 7 months of inventory. This indicates a balanced market, meaning it is a good time to buy or sell.

Read the rest of the report here.

Savannah Million Dollar Homes

Savannah Million Dollar Homes Sold
View Savannah Million Dollar Listings by Clicking on the Image


  • The Landings on Skidaway Island led the way with six million dollar homes selling so far in 2014.

  • Downtown Savannah, Wilmington Island (including Whitemarsh Island) also had a strong showing from April through July with five million dollar properties changing hands.

  • Dutch Island, Isle of Hope, Richmond Hill and Vernonburg also saw at least one property — priced for a million dollars or more — sell.

Are you looking for a million dollar home in Savannah? Or just curious about where homes in this price category are located?

Go here if you want to view all the current Savannah million dollar listings or keep reading to learn the details of 2014 sales. I’ll review sales figures from April through July to give you an overview of Savannah’s most exclusive addresses.

Since April of 2014, 21 homes –costing a million or more — have sold in the Savannah area. Here are their locations by zip code and section of town.

  • The Landings on Skidaway Island (31411): Six million dollar homes sold here since April. All of The Landings properties were located on the waterfront.
  • Wilmington Island (31411): All five of the million dollar homes sold on Wilmington Island and Whitemarsh Island were on the water. Two were located on Wilmington Island Road, while three were on Whitemarsh. Two were near the Savannah Yacht Club and the other was in Long Point.
  • Downtown Savannah (31401): Three historic properties sold in Downtown Savannah area, while another was located on a historic square, but was a more recent construction. A million dollar condo also sold on Broughton Street — the center of the city’s retail and entertainment district.
  • Isle of Hope and Dutch Island (31406): Two million dollar homes also sold in the Isle of Hope and Dutch Island communities — both were on the water.
  • Vernonburg (31419): A luxury waterfront home in the Vernonburg  area, located off of White Bluff, also sold for over one million dollars. Like most of the other homes in this category, it was on the water.
  • Richmond Hill (31324):  A luxury homebuyer also purchased a home in The Ford Plantation in Richmond Hill for over a million dollars.

The sales figures show that  the market for luxury homes in Savannah has continued to remain hot after a fast start in 2014.

Savannah Luxury Homes - Savannah Luxury Living Blog

Million Dollar Home Listings in Savannah

Currently, 98 properties in the Savannah area (including Richmond Hill) are listed for a million dollars or more.  The prices range from $7 million to $1.05 million.

In the next few months, I’ll overview many of these neighborhoods and subdivisions, including The Landings, Savannah Yacht Club area, Long Point, Dutch Island, Isle of Hope, Burnside Island, Ford Plantation, and of course, Tybee Island and the historic properties in Downtown Savannah. I’ll also cover waterfront (riverfront and beachfront homes), as well as upcoming luxury condo projects.

House on the beach

Follow the Savannah Luxury Report to Stay Up to Date

So stay tuned if you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the Savannah luxury home market. I’ll review recent sales, current listings, and planned new developments in the luxury market of Savannah real estate.

Just sign up here and receive all the updates as soon as they publish.

More Resources for Savannah Luxury Homebuyers and Sellers

I’ll also overview a new service we’re offering our luxury clients — or their relatives and children — who are selling a luxury home and transitioning to a new living arrangement. This service completely eliminates the hassle of selling a home and relocating yourself or a loved one.

If you’re in that situation now and can’t wait for the post, go ahead and call me (912-844-9000) or send me an email and I’ll overview it for you.

Savannah is an enchanting and charming city filled with lots of one-of-a-kind homes. No matter what your desire — a historic home, waterfront living, golf course living  — or even city living in a brand new luxury condo in the heart of Downtown Savannah, you can find it here.