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See What $750,000 Can Buy You In Savannah

What $750,000 Buys You Across the U.S.
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I came across this slide show earlier in the week and I thought it would be interesting to compare these $750,000 homes across the nation, to ones you could find here in Savannah.

So I went through Keller Williams featured listings and selected a few homes in the $700,000 to $800,000 range.

(You can view all Savannah homes for sale in that price range here.)

Let’s look at three in particular from three different areas around Savannah — Pooler/Chatham, Southside/Burnside Island and Tybee Island.

I’ll start with one of my listings in the prestigious Westbrook neighborhood at Savannah Quarters in Pooler/West Chatham and then share a couple listed by other realtors.

309 Spanton Crescent, Pooler, 31322

This home built for $925,000, should really be in a higher price range, but the owner is moving to another state and is willing to sacrifice it for $749,000.

Let’s take a look.

309 Spanton Crescent, Westbrook, Savannah Quarters
309 Spanton Crescent, $749,000


309 Spanton Crescent Gourmet Kitchen
Spectacular Gourmet Kitchen


Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.12.53 AM
Huge 3-Car Garage for Vehicles or Storage Space
Spacious Living Area Filled With Natural Light
Spacious Living Area Filled With Natural Light

 107 Melinda Circle, Burnside Island, 31406

107 Melinda Circle, $699,000
107 Melinda Circle, $699,000
Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.16.25 AM
Beautiful Open View of Salt Marshes


Gorgeous Gourmet Kitchen

 111C San Marco Drive, Tybee Island, 31328

111C San Marco Drive, $789,900
111C San Marco Drive, $789,900
Sun Porch Overlooking the Marsh
Sun Porch Overlooking the Marsh
Screen Shot 2015-03-29 at 8.20.28 AM
Sunroom With an Amazing View

Contact Me for More Information

If you think these photos look fabulous, wait until you take a stroll through the luxurious homes in person. I’d love to take you on a tour of any — or all — of them. Call me 912-844-9000 and we’ll set something up. Or you can send me an email and I’ll reach out to you.

View all Savannah luxury homes over $500,000.

How To Find the Perfect Savannah Luxury Home

Finding a Perfect Savannah Luxury HomePerfection means different things to different people. And while there aren’t many perfect homes on the market — there are ones that are perfect for you.

(View all Savannah area luxury homes for sale.)

The clearer you are about what you really want in your Savannah luxury home, the better chance you have to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The More You Spend the More Perfect Your Home Will Be

Obviously, your target price range plays a big part in finding exactly what you want. But in every price range there are similar houses that have varying strong and weak points.

If you have a clear idea of what is most important to you, your decision will be a lot easier. And you can stay focused when you find a property you “love” but that has some compromises that will cause you headaches later.

It’s kind of like dating before you get married. Some qualities are really important over the long haul, but others not so much.

Start With a “No Compromise” List

This is your guiding document. It includes your must-haves, the things you are not willing to compromise on.

You may have some that are specific to you — a place on the waterfront with a deep water dock, a beach home on Tybee Island, or a turn-of-the century home in Savannah’s Historic District.

Only you know what you love the most, but there are also characteristics you don’t want to overlook no matter what kind of property you buy.

These include:

  • Location
  • Structural and System Issues
  • Rooms and Space
  • Health and Safety Issues

Location. Location. Location.

The old real estate age is true. Location is everything. In fact, come people actually buy a location, do a teardown, and then build the house of their dreams.

Even if you don’t do that, location is still more important and valuable than even the house itself. In the end, the land will likely increase in value more than the physical structure on it.

Location encompasses more than just the address. It includes the neighborhood, the view and the size of the lot.

It also covers the home’s proximity to the ocean, a river, or a golf course, schools and retail or dining establishments. All of these perks add to the value (and cost) of a property, but they also make it a more enjoyable place to live.

You can always fix or remodel your home, but you can’t move it to another location. So figure out your ideal location and put it at the top of your ‘No Compromise” list.

Check for Structural and Systems Issues

Structural and systems issues can cost you a lot of time and money. These include things like the slab or foundation of your home, the roof, as well as the major systems in the household, such as heating and air, water, wiring, plumbing and septic (if applicable).

Also, inspect decks, porches, docks, driveways, steps, sill condition (dry rot or termites), kitchen, bathrooms and counter tops.

Some of the cosmetic defects can be fixed as a condition of your contract, but major structural or systems issues may be a deal breaker, especially if you are dealing with the foundation of the home.

A certified inspector and structural engineer can do a thorough inspection if you have concerns in any of these areas.

Choose the Right Number and Kinds of Rooms

Even a house you find really attractive can become a huge headache if you don’t have enough space or rooms. Also, consider the kinds of rooms you enjoy the most — a gourmet kitchen? a cozy family room? a home office, gym or theatre?

If you have to choose, choose the rooms that will bring you and your family the most enjoyment.

Health and Safety Issues

Also, be aware of health and safety issues that could cause potential problems. Rewiring homes or removing toxic mold can cause major problems later, costing you more than they’re worth. On the other hand, making minor changes like updating outlets may be an easy fix.

Let Me Help You Find Your Perfect Home

Now that you’re armed with your “no compromise” list let me help you locate the home of your dreams. I can overview the strengths and weakness of all the best locations in the Savannah area.

I am also well versed on the essentials of a good, sold, structurally sound home, as I invested in and rehabbed homes in the Savannah area for many years before becoming a licensed real estate agent.

Call me today at 912-844-9000 or email me [email protected].

Why Savannah Is a Great Place to Buy a Vacation Home

snowfaceIt’s almost Christmas and “the weather outside is frightful”…but not in Savannah. It’s sunny and 65 degrees.

(View all Tybee Island Homes for sale)

But, let’s be honest. For many, this time of year is a big fat headache!

You bundle up each morning to brave the snow and ice — and you ask yourself “why don’t I move somewhere else?”

Even if it’s not time to do so full-time, you should at least consider doing it for part of the year.

Why Savannah

There are many reasons to put Savannah at the top of your “vacation home” list, but here are two of the best ones.

Location. Location. Location.

The old real estate adage holds true, particularly when you’re buying a second home that you also consider an investment for the future. The best vacation properties offer something extra special — a magnificent view of the ocean, a dock overlooking a picturesque river or salt marsh or old world ambiance.

Savannah Has It All

Savannah offers you second homes on the beachfront of Tybee Island. Skidaway Island, Wilmington island, Dutch Island and Isle of Hope provide you beautiful views and easy access to the Intracoastal Waterway.

And Historic Downtown Savannah is like no other city.

Go back in time as you walk among the towering live oaks draped with Spanish moss and the historic homes and squares built in the centuries ago.

Plus, you’re only  a three or four hour drive from multiple major metro areas, including Atlanta, Jacksonville, FL and Columbia, SC. So it’s easy to enjoy a weekend getaway just about anytime you want.

Tybee Island

Tourist Love It

Savannah is also an award-winning tourist destination, which means you won’t have any problem renting your property to vacationers if you choose to do so.

About one in four second home owners rent their properties at least part of the year. Tybee’s vacation rentals stay at nearly full capacity throughout the spring and summer.

Just keep in mind that for tax purposes, vacation homes are subject to what’s called the 14-day or 10% rule. You can rent your home for up to 14 days a year and keep the rental income without having to declare it on your tax return.

But, if you rent out the house for more than 14 days, you’re classified as a landlord by the Internal Revenue Service and you have to report the income. But, as a landlord you have the opportunity to deduct certain expenses.

I’ll talk more about the tax benefits of vacation property in a future post, but for now read this if you want more detailed information.

Why Not?

Here are some links for you to view all the available Savannah homes. I’m sure you’ll find many that would make fantastic vacation homes. Enjoy!

Tybee Island Homes

Skidaway Island Homes

Wilmington Island Homes

Dutch Island Homes

Isle of Hope Homes

If you have any questions or would like to view any of them personally, let me know. I’d love to take you on a tour whenever you’re in Savannah.

Just call me at 912-844-9000 or send me an email at [email protected] and we will set something up.

Tybee Island – A Tour of Savannah Luxury Homes

Tybee Island GALess than 20 miles from Historic Downtown Savannah, you’ll discover Savannah’s only beach, Tybee Island. (View Tybee Island homes here.)

Tybee is a popular tourist destination, but about 3,000 locals also call it home.  In addition, many people from Savannah, Atlanta and areas less than a day’s drive live on Tybee part of the year. Most came to the island to visit before falling in love and buying a second home or relocating after retirement.

Natural Beauty and Local Charm

The historical island sill retains its natural beauty and off-the-beaten-path charm for beach lovers of all ages. Yet, it is also home to some of Savannah’s best restaurants, serving award-winning cuisine that reflects its local character.  It also plays host to many fun events throughout the year, including the Pirate Fest and the Beach Bum Parade.

If you’re interested in investing in vacation property, Tybee has lots of opportunities. You’ll never lack for guests. In fact, most spring and summer months, it’s hard to find a vacancy on the island.

Waterfront Living on Tybee Island

Tybee Island Sunrise

Tybee Island also gives luxury homebuyers every kind of waterfront living to choose from. You can buy a house overlooking the three miles of public beach and have a breathe-taking view of the  Atlantic Ocean. Or, if you prefer, you’ll find homes sitting right on the back river, some with deep water docks for fishing, boating and enjoying your favorite drink.  If you love the beauty of the salt marshes, you will  be happy to discover marsh front homes with expansive views.

Almost all the homes are a short walk from the beach or the back river. In fact, it’s only a four or five block walk from one side to the other.

Tybee Neighborhoods and Luxury Homes

Tybee Island House

The “North Beach” area has more of a residential feel to it, while the far south end is the destination of many vacationers. It’s also where many of the “touristy” shops, bars and restaurants are located.

If you’d like to get a taste of the types of homes available, follow this link to view all Tybee homes for sale. You’ll find everything from one bedroom condos to luxurious beach homes with more than six bedrooms.

Lots to Do and See

Tybee Island Lighthouse

You’ll also find plenty to do on Tybee Island, as well as Historic Downtown Savannah, which is less than 20 miles away.

On Tybee you can enjoy fishing off public piers, in the surf, or on an offshore or deep sea charter. Or you can join the bikers who love to pedal all around the island. There’s also nature trails, historic landmarks, including the Tybee Lighthouse and Fort Screven.  You can also take in dolphin tours, the Marine Science Center or Fort Pulaski.

In Downtown Savannah, you can enjoy  River Street, City Market or simply tour all the historic houses and squares. You’ll also discover more heralded restaurants and nationally recognized events, such as the Savannah Musical Festival and Savannah Film Festival — and of course, the world famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

Fall In Love With Tybee

If you love the beach, the sunshine and a relaxed lifestyle on the coast, Tybee Island may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Call me anytime  912-844-9000 — even if you’re only in town for a few days and I’ll personally show you all the treasures Tybee has to offer.

Over the next few weeks we’ll move toward West Chatham and Bryan County, as we look at two popular golf course communities in Pooler (near the airport and Gulfstream) and some beautiful waterfront neighborhoods in Richmond Hill.

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