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Huge $363,000 Price Cut on Historic Savannah Bed and Breakfast!!!

217 E. Gaston St., Savannah, GA

Historic Gaston, Historic Savannah Bed and Breakfast!!!

217 E Gaston St, Savannah, GA 31401

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Own a piece of Savannah History and Grace in this Lavish 1860 built home on one of Savannah’s most sought after locations…Gaston Street!

Why this home is awesome.

When you enter this sophisticated 155-year-old home you will feel like you stepped back in time, even though the home has been completely renovated and updated and is pristinely kept. Extreme Elegance everywhere you turn. Stunning moldings and fixtures. Beautiful doors and mantles. Lavish furnishings and decor. Truly fit for a king!! This Historic home is currently being used as an elegant bed and breakfast featuring 5 gorgeous bedroom suites situated one block from Forsyth Park. The home is sold with or without the furnishings or pick out what would fit your tastes. It has been a working B & B for 9 years. The owner has put over $1.4 million into the restoration of this home. Their loss can be your gain!

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18 Rockwell Avenue – Luxury Waterfront Living At Its Finest!

Savannah Luxury Waterfront Living At Its Finest!
18 S Rockwell Ave, Savannah GA 31419
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Enjoy Savannah Luxury waterfront living at its finest in this exquisite European/Spanish style estate with luscious, sprawling grounds on 250 feet of the Intracoastal Waterway on the Vernon River. The magnificent property include a 3800-plus-square-foot main residence, an 800-square-foot 2-bedroom, 1-bath poolside cottage — perfect for your au pair or nanny — and a 555 square-foot 1 bedroom, 1 bath house overlooking the deep water dock on a total of 3 acres. Also includes boat slip and boat lift.

Fall in love with the breathtaking views and end your days sipping your favorite drink as the sun slowly fades into the salt marshes!

LUXURY LIVING at its finest, with spectacular views on deep water with private covered dock, boat slip, boat lift, and boat house. This property features an impressive main home of European/Spanish style as well as an apartment/in-law suite, for a total of 5 bedrooms and 4 1/2 baths. BREATHTAKING!!

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Savannah Homes – Living in Luxury

Thank you to the Savannah Morning News for doing a wonderful piece on our Luxury Listing at 18 Rockwell Avenue in the Sunday paper!  It is truly an amazing, one-of-a kind property!

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To view more pictures and information on the home go here.

You can also see more of the home by watching this video.

To view more pictures and information on 18 Rockwell Avenue or other Savannah Luxury Homes click here.

6 Reasons You Should Sell Your Home Now

shutterstock_23503294It’s been an extra hot summer, but it’s almost over (at least for kids going back to school). Home sales have also  been hot this summer and that’s one of the reasons why now is the time to sell your home. Here’s a few more reasons why there’s “no time like the present” if you’re thinking of listing and selling your home.

1. Buyer Demand Is White Hot

One of the ways to measure buyer demand is to look at foot traffic. This refers to the number of people who are physically out browsing homes for sale. The most recent foot traffic data shows that more prospective buyers are looking at homes right now than at any point in the last two years.

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Obviously, the best time to sell is when buyers are hungry to buy and this stat shows that there’s a huge number of buyers ready to find and buy a new home.

2. Inventory Levels Have Dropped

This means sellers  face less competition than they used to. In fact, The National Association of Realtors recently found that housing supply (or inventory) has fallen to 5.0-month of supply across the nation. This is considered a sellers market — a normal (or balanced market)  has 6 months of inventory. When a inventory levels reach seven months  and beyond, the market is in the buyer’s favor.

Since there are fewer homes to choose from, your home has a better chance of being noticed and sold.

3. Demand is Pent Up

Many homeowners wanted to move years ago, but they had negative equity in their homes. Now that housing sales and values have increased, they’re in a better position to sell an old home and buy a new one.

As their equity grows, more will sale. That means you’ll have more competition in the future.

4. Home Prices Are Appreciating Again

In a recent report, RealtyTrac, noted that sellers (in 2015) have seen the biggest gains in home appreciation since 2007. In June, sellers also averaged a sell price above estimated market value for the first time in two years.

5. Prices Should Keep Going Up

If you plan to upsize (sell and buy a bigger, more expensive house) you will probably pay more in the future than you will right now.  Some real estate experts expect prices to increase nearly 20% by 2019.

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6. Higher Interest Rates = Less Buying Power

Interest rates also sit at historic lows, but many think that will end soon. Some lenders expect a 1 percentage point increase over the next year (from 4% to 5%). So if you sell and buy later, you’ll spend more because your buying power will have decreased.

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Savannah Luxury Home Sales ($500K to $1M+) for 2014

Savannah Luxury Home Report 2014 Year EndSavannah, GA home sales for 2014 came in 4.9 percent higher than in 2013 and 15.9 percent than in 2012 .

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Here’s a look at a chart that shows monthly home sales compared to previous years.

Savannah Home Sales 2014

Savannah Home Monthly Sales 2014

In 2014, more Savannah homes sold in eight of the twelve months compared to 2013 and 2012 numbers. Sales were down slightly in July and October, the same in August, and over 50 units short in April.

Savannah Monthly Home Sales 2014Savannah Home Sales By Quarter

Fourth quarter sales improved by 2.3% over 4Q sales in 2013 — 11.2% higher than 4Q 2012.

Savannah Homes Sales for 2014 (By Quarter)

Savannah Luxury Home Sales priced from $500K to $1M+

If you look at the chart below, you’ll notice that two of the three luxury price tiers saw increase number of homes sold. Only one — $500K-$749K — saw decreases.

The $1M+ price range rose 300 percent, as 9 homes sold for $1 million dollars or more compared to 3 in 2013.

Sales in the $750K to $999K tier climbed 30 percent, as 13 homes sold compared to 10 in 2013.

Savannah Home Sales 2014 by Price Range

Savannnah Luxury Homes — Days on the Market (DOM)

All three luxury price tiers saw declines in the number of days the homes were on the market before they sold.

The $500K to $749K segment was cut in half — from 199 days (2013) to 98 days (2014), while the $1M+ range reduced its DOM by nearly 150 days.

The $750K to $999K held steady — decreasing slightly from 225 days to 224.

Savannah Home Sales 2014 Days on the Market

Savannah Luxury Homes — Price Reductions

In the top three price ranges, only Savannah homes selling for a million dollars or more saw a greater need to reduce prices than in 2013.

Both the $500K-$749K and $750K-$999K segments saw the percentage of price reductions drop compared to 2013 numbers.

Savannah Home Sales Price Reductions 2014

Luxury Homes — Buyer’s or Seller’s Market?

A buyers market exists when the inventory of homes on the market is above 7 months, while a seller’s market exists when the inventory is less than 6 months.

A balanced market exists when inventory is 6 to 7 months.

If you plan to buy a luxury home in the Savannah area conditions are currently in your favor. The $500K-$749K price segment has 21 months of inventory , the $750K-$999K range has 25.5, and the $1M+ price tier stands at 29 months of inventory.

Savannah Home Sales - Sellers or Buyers Market

Looking for a Savannah Luxury Home?

I’d love to work with you. I am well-versed in the ins and outs of the Savannah luxury market and can provide you the attention and expertise you need to find a local luxury home that your unique needs and wants.

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What Luxury Homebuyers Want Most

Chef's KitchenThinking about selling your Savannah luxury home? If so, it’s a good idea to know what luxury homebuyers want most when they buy a house.

(Go here to view all luxury listings in the Savannah area.) did a study in 2014 that showed what feature, luxury homebuyers thought were most important.

Although first-timer buyers and seasoned luxury buyers  (those buying a luxury home again) had different priorities, they agreed on the top two most important features.

So what do all luxury homebuyers want the most?

  1. Chef’s Kitchen – 54%
  2. View – 44%

But each group had a different idea about what they ranked third. First-timers preferred luxury outdoor living areas, while seasoned buyers sought luxury swimming pools.

Seasoned Luxury Homebuyers

Seek Sound Long-Term Investment

Seasoned luxury buyers focus less on extra space and flashy home amenities. Instead, they look for a home that’s a sound long-term investment, even if they have to spend more.

These buyers will seek homes in neighborhoods that will generate a healthy return — over 30 percent or more in the next five years. They are also more concerned about price per square foot, not overall price.

Privacy and Other Special Features

Repeat luxury homebuyers also value privacy and pay attention to special features like high-end windows or humidification systems that protect valuable furnishings or an art collection.

The house hunters also don’t mind spending more than they’ve budgeted if the house has exactly what they’re looking for.

First-time Luxury Homebuyers

Seek Square Footage

Buyers purchasing their first luxury property prioritized square footage, extra bedrooms, and smart home and eco-friendly features. They also considered privacy important, but not as much as the seasoned buyers.

They also want to move in right away and avoid purchases that require gutting a home or a significant and time-consuming remodel.

Prefer to Live Downtown

Most young, first-time luxury homebuyers prefer living in the downtown area. They value being able to walk to nearby venues, including restaurants, clubs and even farmer’s markets.

They also seek to stay within their house-purchasing budget.


About 40 percent of the luxury homebuyers indicated they had a hard time finding properties that fulfilled their criteria fully. Another 20 percent cited the small number of luxury homes on the market as their biggest obstacle to finding what they wanted.

Buying or Selling a Luxury Home? Contact Us

If you’re seeking or selling a luxury property contact us. We have a sophisticated system, utilizing the latest technologies for finding you a home that meets all your criteria. We also maintain a full database of buyer and know exactly what they are seeking in a luxury home.

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How To Find the Perfect Savannah Luxury Home

Finding a Perfect Savannah Luxury HomePerfection means different things to different people. And while there aren’t many perfect homes on the market — there are ones that are perfect for you.

(View all Savannah area luxury homes for sale.)

The clearer you are about what you really want in your Savannah luxury home, the better chance you have to find exactly what you’re looking for.

The More You Spend the More Perfect Your Home Will Be

Obviously, your target price range plays a big part in finding exactly what you want. But in every price range there are similar houses that have varying strong and weak points.

If you have a clear idea of what is most important to you, your decision will be a lot easier. And you can stay focused when you find a property you “love” but that has some compromises that will cause you headaches later.

It’s kind of like dating before you get married. Some qualities are really important over the long haul, but others not so much.

Start With a “No Compromise” List

This is your guiding document. It includes your must-haves, the things you are not willing to compromise on.

You may have some that are specific to you — a place on the waterfront with a deep water dock, a beach home on Tybee Island, or a turn-of-the century home in Savannah’s Historic District.

Only you know what you love the most, but there are also characteristics you don’t want to overlook no matter what kind of property you buy.

These include:

  • Location
  • Structural and System Issues
  • Rooms and Space
  • Health and Safety Issues

Location. Location. Location.

The old real estate age is true. Location is everything. In fact, come people actually buy a location, do a teardown, and then build the house of their dreams.

Even if you don’t do that, location is still more important and valuable than even the house itself. In the end, the land will likely increase in value more than the physical structure on it.

Location encompasses more than just the address. It includes the neighborhood, the view and the size of the lot.

It also covers the home’s proximity to the ocean, a river, or a golf course, schools and retail or dining establishments. All of these perks add to the value (and cost) of a property, but they also make it a more enjoyable place to live.

You can always fix or remodel your home, but you can’t move it to another location. So figure out your ideal location and put it at the top of your ‘No Compromise” list.

Check for Structural and Systems Issues

Structural and systems issues can cost you a lot of time and money. These include things like the slab or foundation of your home, the roof, as well as the major systems in the household, such as heating and air, water, wiring, plumbing and septic (if applicable).

Also, inspect decks, porches, docks, driveways, steps, sill condition (dry rot or termites), kitchen, bathrooms and counter tops.

Some of the cosmetic defects can be fixed as a condition of your contract, but major structural or systems issues may be a deal breaker, especially if you are dealing with the foundation of the home.

A certified inspector and structural engineer can do a thorough inspection if you have concerns in any of these areas.

Choose the Right Number and Kinds of Rooms

Even a house you find really attractive can become a huge headache if you don’t have enough space or rooms. Also, consider the kinds of rooms you enjoy the most — a gourmet kitchen? a cozy family room? a home office, gym or theatre?

If you have to choose, choose the rooms that will bring you and your family the most enjoyment.

Health and Safety Issues

Also, be aware of health and safety issues that could cause potential problems. Rewiring homes or removing toxic mold can cause major problems later, costing you more than they’re worth. On the other hand, making minor changes like updating outlets may be an easy fix.

Let Me Help You Find Your Perfect Home

Now that you’re armed with your “no compromise” list let me help you locate the home of your dreams. I can overview the strengths and weakness of all the best locations in the Savannah area.

I am also well versed on the essentials of a good, sold, structurally sound home, as I invested in and rehabbed homes in the Savannah area for many years before becoming a licensed real estate agent.

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