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Just Reduced $700K One-of-a-Kind, Luxurious Southern Estate on Savannah’s Vernon River


Just Reduced $700K 

One-of-a-Kind, Luxurious Southern Estate on Savannah’s Vernon River

18 Rockwell Ave, Savannah 31419

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Why this home is awesome…

  • Include a 3800-plus-square-foot main residence with 1 “555 square-foot bedroom” and 1 bath, overlooking the deep water dock on a total of 3 acres
  • Include an 800-square-foot 2-bedroom, 1-bath poolside cottage
  • Boat slip and boat lift
  • European/Spanish style estate
  • Breathtaking views
  • Luscious, sprawling grounds on 250 feet of the Intracoastal Waterway on the Vernon River
  • Minutes away from shopping and dining, multiple churches and schools
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Savannah Homes – Living in Luxury

Thank you to the Savannah Morning News for doing a wonderful piece on our Luxury Listing at 18 Rockwell Avenue in the Sunday paper!  It is truly an amazing, one-of-a kind property!

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You can also see more of the home by watching this video.

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How to Price Your Savannah Waterfront Property for a Faster Sale

Savannah Waterfront Properties
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Savannah is known for its breathtaking waterfront properties. It is a water lovers paradise and many of these spectacular homes command the highest prices on the market.

They offer the luxury homebuyer beautiful views, as well as access to the water for boating, fishing and entertaining guests.

(Find out how much your property is worth.)

So today, let’s talk  about how you can sell a waterfront home at the right price so it doesn’t sit on the market too long.

Starting with the Right Price

One of the keys to a fast sale is pricing your home right from the beginning. You get the best exposure when your home first goes on the market so make sure you get this right before you list.

You need to aim for the sweet spot. You don’t want to leave  money on the table, but you also don’t want to ask too high a price and scare away potential buyers.

Here’s How to Price It Right

Pricing a waterfront property can be a bit tricky, as most homes are unique and the process can be a bit subjective. You can’t simply look at price per square foot, as you are also valuing intangibles, like an amazing view and a lifestyle, i.e. “living on the water.”

To price successfully, you need a luxury real estate professional who understands this and how buyers value this type of lifestyle.

How Realtors Arrive at a Price

Real estate agents use different methods for pinpointing the list price of a home .  First, most do a comparative market analysis or CMA. By comparing your house to similar houses that have sold in the area, they can come up with a general — but not always exact price. As the price of a house increases, its unique features do too, which can present a more challenging pricing environment

Waterfront Properties Pricing Considerations

Waterfront homes share certain features — location and amenities — with other luxury properties, but they also have  unique features, including the size of the body of water they sit on and the amount of land fronting the water.

Location: Location is usually the most important factor in a buyers mind, particularly when they are paying  a premium for a waterfront location.
Waterfront Size: This includes the type of body of water the home sits on –oceanfront, riverfront, lakefront, etc.
Frontage: Generally speaking, the more frontage (the part of the land that actually runs along the water) the more the property is worth.  The type of frontage also matters a lot. Can a boat access deepwater at all times? Or just when the tide is high? Is the land flat or does it have an incline?  Can the land be used recreationally?
Amenities: You also need to value the amenities. Many time these properties are part of a community, like the The Landings on Skidaway Island or Dutch Island. The communities offer many types of amenities including clubhouses and pools or even tennis and fitness centers.  Some include golf courses and access to the water through community docks. The buyer may also have to pay a homeowners association fee (HOA).

Invest in an Appraisal

The surest way to get a precise value on a waterfront home is to hire a professional appraiser to do a thorough appraisal. This usually costs from $300 to $500. But this is a small investment when you are selling a Waterfront home priced in the million plus range.

The hundreds of dollars you invest on the front-end can make a difference of thousands of dollars when your home sells.

Let Us Help You Pinpoint the Right Price

We can help you find the right price before you list. We have a thorough process for comparing your home to similar homes. But we also know how to value and sell your homes one-of-a-kind features.

We can also recommend reliable appraisers to provide you precise appraisals. Call or text us today at 912-844-9000 or email me and I’ll get in touch with you.

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